Friday, October 26, 2012

DIY Halloween pumpkin

Do-it-yourself golden pumpkin (private photo)
Final product : mother of Golden pumpkins and mini pumpkins (private photo)

Black crows, glitter skulls, golden pumpkins… Bring on Halloween! 

Every year I get really excited about the preparations. I love baking and cooking anything that requires pumpkin puree so pumpkin carving is at the top of my list. What actually happens is a different story. I end up letting someone else finish my creation after about ten minutes.

This year, I decided to let others carve while I take the easy way out. Although I may be biased, my pumpkin definitely wins gold.

I made my choice after watching this segment on Cityline (via Chatelaine). Check out their website for the instructions. They are as easy as they say and the final product looks even better in person.

Finally, I created a little small vignette to showcase my efforts (none, really). Now, let’s hope I can resist my sweet tooth and refrain from baking for a couple of days. I don’t have the heart to butcher my little pumpkin.

Are you decorating this year?

Ps. Have a lovely weekend! xx

Vignette (private photo)
Purple glitter skull (private photo)
Black crows (private photo)

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